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Non-residential property buyers

Commercial Projects

If you are a small or medium enterprise, and looking for a suitable investment opportunity for commercial real estate in Egypt, you can consider visiting Cityscape Egypt where the top developers in Egypt ill showcase a variety of commercial projectsa with exclusive offers and payment plans.

Discover the ideal commercial space that fulfills your needs, whether you are seeking collaborative workspaces, adaptable office quarters,   or comprehensive corporate environments.

Discover the newest office ventures available for purchase from real estate providers and avail of the convenient payment plans exclusively  accessible to attendees of the event.

Administrative Projects

The New Administrative Capital is set to be the new business capital of Egypt. It will be developed into a world-class business district with seamless transport accessibility, bustling footfall, financial institutions, and corporate properties. The New Administrative Capital is the future. If you have a flourishing business or are looking to expand, setting up your office space in this dynamic and transport-accessible area can boost your business's visibility, professional credibility, and overall corporate value.

Setting up a medical healthcare center requires more meticulous consideration than choosing any other commercial space. Our expo features a comprehensive array of clinic and medical service spaces to accommodate your specialized patient base. 

If you're looking to move your clinic or establish a new location for your practice, consider clinic spaces in the urbanized and transport-accessible New Capital a practical option. The developing community infrastructure and future developments in the area can help your clinic flourish. Whether you are looking for an outpatient clinic or same-day surgery center, find the perfect space that fits your occupancy costs, square footage, and patient demographic at the Cityscape exhibition.