Mohamed Halim Sabri Mostafa

Founder & Manager

Appraisal and Consulting Group

Expertise House for Land and Buildings Appraisal in Central Bank of Egypt

Real Estate Appraisal Expert in Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority

Pre investment & Feasibility & Market research studies, Real Estate appraisal, Project and Quality Assurance management, Arch. Design and consulting

Ph.D. of Architecture &Urban Planning (Real estate and Implementing Housing Policies)

M.Sc. of Architecture & Urban Planning (Housing Growth Management)

B.Sc. of Architecture

Diverse experience of 32 years at all stages of activities related to architectural works:

Participation in Market Research/Pre-investment study/Cost analysis/land appraisal/ construction cost.

Identify the components of the project study&Conceptual of project (planning &design).

Schematic Design/ Development Design of Primary project/Final project Approvals, Documents Preparing Phase, Working Drawing Stage, Coordination between different activities related to Arch. Work (Mech. - Elect. – Struct.), Revision all engineering and technical drawings.

Liaising with consultants to finish the documents of tender

Following the tender process, Bid evaluating for contractors’ participating, Nominating the main Contractors, Participation in preparing execution contract, Approval for materials Samples.

Following-up executing the contractor's agreement, Following-up and progress reporting, Solving problems.

EX. Precast Quality Assurance Consultant, Holy Haram Extension projects, Mataf Extension
Project, First Ring Road Project, Makah

EX. Research & Studies Manager HDBank (Real Estate) Housing Projects, Office Buildings and Bank Branches

EX. Design & Technical Office Manager HDBank (Real Estate) Housing Projects, Office Buildings and Bank Branches