Hisham Talaat Moustafa


Talaat Moustafa Group

Hisham Talaat received a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from Alexandria University in 1980. Immediately after his graduation, Hisham Talaat worked with the Group, seeking to diversify the activities and fields of the Group's work until it covered the areas of real estate development and the establishment of new urban cities integrated services, tourism and hotel development projects, construction and contracting, construction materials industry, as well as land reclamation projects and the development of agricultural and livestock production.
Hisham Talaat led the real estate development and tourism sector in the group following the establishment of Alexandria Real Estate Investment Company in 1988, which was the marketing arm of the other sister companies. Since then, the group has emerged as one of the largest groups working in the field of urban development in Egypt through the establishment of a group of residential and tourist villages Including the Rabwa in West Cairo and Mayfair in the city of Sunrise and Virginia in the northern coast.
Since then, Hisham Talaat Moustafa's efforts have focused on consolidating the real concept of the real estate development industry in Egypt, where he emerged as the first Egyptian real estate developer to succeed in daring to break into the desert and establish Al Rehab city which is an ideal example of a fully integrated community, on an area 2400 acres, in addition to Madinaty, the largest privately owned real estate project in Egypt on an area of 8,000 acres in east Cairo.