Ehab Mokhtar

Founder & Managing Director

IDIA Designs

Ehab Mokhtar has over 20 years of experience in Design and Design Management. He founded IDIA in 1995 as a research-based design firm. His leadership has grown IDIA from a small team to one of Egypt’s largest design firms with over 60 designers and engineers. He is working to make IDIA one of the most innovative design firms in Egypt and the region. His philosophy of design stems from adopting a holistic approach to life, in which everything is connected and leads to a human design in harmony with its context.

Ehab’s vision has led his firm to take on large projects on a local and national scale. He has consulted for institutions, including the Ministry of Culture, on urban heritage conservation. His broad thinking also led IDIA to offer services in the fields of Product & Service Design and Strategic Innovation. Ehab is also a Co-Founder of IWAN Group, a group of companies working on real-estate development, construction, green building materials and energy-saving.

Before founding IDIA, Ehab fueled his life-long passion for design with education. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Cairo University, and worked with Egyptian architectural masters Gamal Bakry, AbdilHalim Ibrahim, and Shehab Mazhar. Ehab then continued his education pursuing a Master of Science from The American University in Cairo, and further executive education at Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and INSEAD.