Ahmed Kira

Managing Director and Owner

Horof Group

Ahmed Kira has been in Tourism and Hotel business for over 35 years working in different capacities including strategy setting, business planning, feasibility study, sales & marketing, project management, and general management. He worked for several multinational organizations in Egypt, Middle East, and Europe.

He started his career after obtaining his Bachelor of Tourism Management in 1981 when he joined Marriott Chain for 15 years where he had different positions until his last job as Sales & Marketing Director. Then, he joined American Express Travel for 4 years to work as Head of Sales & Travel Services. Later, he joined The Egyptian Company for Entertainment & Touristic Attraction as operation director until he founded his consultancy company; Horof Group in October 2003.

 As a hospitality consultant, he is providing his expertise and leadership to organizations whereby they can leverage their competitive edge and develop solutions to a particular tourist attraction. The provided solution could include some or all of the following:

Working with organization stakeholders to establish short term and long term business plans to reach its goals and achieve its objectives.

 Undertaking fact-finding visits to the designated sites and provide relevant factual desk researches.

Analyzing and evaluating primary and secondary data and submitting recommendations through presentations and reports.

 Interviewing specialists or attraction visitors and potential tourists.

Making a scientific study of competitors in the region and constructing SWOT analysis to help organization realizing advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

 Resolving specific issues as part of a multidisciplinary project activity.

Identifying and employing the most appropriate resources and channels in the context of macro and micro environment in line with market requirements which will later facilitate marketing of the project.

Designing components and preparations required for the project in accordance with the direction and guidelines of the Ministry of Tourism.

 Providing mediation services between stakeholders of Ministry of Tourism and project owners from one side and foreign bodies from

the other side.