Visitor Zone

The right home is waiting for you at Cityscape Egypt. The country's leading international property exhibition provides a showcase of more than 100,000 developments for comparison under one roof. Catering to the needs of everyone from the general home buyer to the private or institutional investor, a visit to Cityscape Egypt will dramatically increase your chances of getting the property and deal you are looking for.

Why Visit?

  • Save time and money comparing the widest choice of properties including those in the planning stage, all under one roof.
  • Get answers to your questions direct from leading real estate professionals and make highly informed decisions about your next investment.
  • Find out how the market is changing and how this will affect your property investment returns.
  • Browse the latest homes, shopping centres, business complexes, hotels and recreational spaces in a relaxed, leisurely atmosphere. Families are welcome and cafeterias are located on the Visitor Showguide provided.


Who Should Visit and Who Will You Meet?

General Home Buyers


 Everyone welcome


Banks, Financial Institutions, Investment Companies, Fund Management Companies, Private Investors, Pension Funds, REITs, Venture Capitalists, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Investors, Asset Management Companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds


Residential, Office, Commercial, Hotel & Leisure, Retail, Industrial, Infrastructure

Cities and Regional Authorities

Investment Promotion Agencies, Economic Development Authorities, City Promotion Agencies and Authorities, Location marketing agencies, Regional Development and Investment Zones, Inward Investment Organizations

Service Providers

Consultants, Architects, Designers, Urban Planners, Real Estate Owners, Engineering Consultants, Contractors, Project Management Companies, Construction Companies, Property Advisors, Real Estate Solution Providers, Real Estate Development Consultants, Corporate End Users, Retailers


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