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Firmly established as the leading international property exhibition in Egypt, Cityscape Egypt provides real estate businesses with a once-a-year opportunity to target in excess of 13,000 home buyers and property investors under one roof. Enquire about exhibiting or sponsoring today.

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The location of the exhibition will be held at Cairo International Convention Centre (CICC), you can click on the link below for the Google Maps location


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  • Buying a Rental Property - Buying a Rental Property - A secure and profitable future

    Investing in property should be a step towards a secure and profitable future. To ensure you choose the right property, in the right place, at the right time.

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  • Buying a Rental Property - Seek Legal Help with Your Contract

    Real estate agents (individuals and companies) in Egypt are not officially regulated. It is therefore imperative to understand all the legalities involved in your property transaction and to ensure that all legally due real estate taxes are paid up to the date of purchase before signing the final contract.

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  • Buying a Rental Property - Work with authorized entities

    Working with recommended agents will ensure that you benefit from their market experience and receive all the necessary project details and other accounts and agreements that are related to the property.

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  • Buying a Rental Property - Compare Similar Units

    Build a shortlist of properties you are interested in and look into other equivalent properties in the same area. This will give you an idea of the average local pricing, thereby strengthening your position in later negotiations.

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  • Buying a Rental Property - Choose Your Target Tenant

    Once you have decided how much you can afford, you need to decide which class and category of tenant suits your investment aims. If you are targeting families they will require local schools, medical facilities, amenities, and entertainment. Single professionals are likely to be looking for easy access to the local business district and assorted leisure facilities. Look at the specific locations that you think your tenants will be interested in and consider necessary transport links, infrastructure and areas of interest. If you are renting to a higher socio-economic group, your property will need to be spacious and located in a desirable area offering premium facilities. Districts that are in high demand and that charge high rents offer the potential for high returns on your investment. Refer back to your research and continue to seek advice to ensure optimum investment yield.

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  • Buying a Rental Property - Calculate Your Budget in Advance

    When you are considering purchasing rental property, you should first organize your finances to ensure you have factored in all necessary costs. Put aside enough capital to cover the first 6 months of rent in order to adequately prepare the physical property and leave time to find a suitable tenant. You will need to factor in legal fees, agents fees, furnishings, and the estimated percentage of the mortgage required to close the deal. One easy tip is to search for an online mortgage calculator on banking and financial comparison websites such as the Egyptian Housing Finance Company at This simple tool will help you to calculate the mortgage payment in line with how much you can afford, allowing you to shop with more confidence and possibly expedite the final stages of the deal.

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  • Buying a Rental Property - Research the Market

    Look at current interest rates, the availability of financing, inflation trends and legislative amendments and be certain that now is the right time to enter into a purchase. If you are investing within Egypt, you have the largest population in the Arab world at your disposal, with demand for housing remaining high at all income levels.

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  • Things to consider before you invest: Consult the experts

    If you have specific questions about the retail landscape in Egypt, if you want to connect with the right service providers to get your business off to the best start or if you are simply keen to identify the best areas for investment, ensure you visit Cityscape Egypt, the country’s largest real estate exhibition on 7-10 April 2016. Register here to get FREE entry, saving EGP 50 on your entrance fee and Visitor Showguide. Good luck!

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  • Things to consider before you invest: Map it out

    Consider other local businesses who have been drawn to the area and where possible aim to position your retail offering near complementary stores, for example bridal stores, florists and professional photographers would do well to trade in the same area and benefit from the targeted footfall that each business is attracting. The same logic could apply to competitive businesses so don’t be afraid to open near rival stores if you think this could work to your advantage.

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  • Things to consider before you invest: All in the detail

    Before you purchase a retail unit, take the opportunity to dig even deeper into the credentials of the surrounding area. If you are ready to make an offer it goes without saying that you should be satisfied your target demographic makes up a large proportion of the local customer base. If you aren’t yet clear to what extent, look to the retail ‘anchor’ within the area.

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  • Things to consider before you invest: Size Matters

    Your in-depth budget will be worth its weight in gold when it comes to measuring up for a retail venue. If you guess or approximate how much space you are going to need and end up being too generous, this excess square meterage will soon add up to a vast amount of unnecessary rent that is eating into your annual profit margins.

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  • Things to consider before you invest: Budget

    However much you think your retail start up is going to cost, the chances are you have underestimated the full extent of expenditure that will be required in your first year of trading. Yet cash flow is the glue that will keep your business together, so you need to plan ahead to ensure it is positive at all times.

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  • Things to consider before you invest: Placement

    As an entrepreneur venturing into retail shores you are aware that that location is key and close proximity to your target market is paramount. But does that mean you should opt for a high visibility location with sky high rent to match?

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  • Things to consider before you invest: Demographic

    Knowing and understanding your customer base before you select a location or retail unit could be the difference between business success and failure. But where to start?  Should the product or service or determine your target market? Should you be comparing profitability per square meter of Egypt’s many shopping districts before you commit to a business plan? There is no fool-proof formula for maximising profit margins, but there are steps you can take to ensure that you are entering into a venture with a sufficient demand curve.

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  • Useful market information from real estate advisory firm Colliers International:
    • F&B/ dining and entertainment products are some of the key retail components to be factored into next generation shopping malls
    • Primary grade lifestyle shopping malls with family entertainment components will attract high visitor volumes, occupancy rates and rentals compared to less competitive malls
    • Significant income disparities have resulted in some consumers being highly price- sensitive and possessing traditional shopping habits at one end of the spectrum, and others displaying a more modern preference for organised shopping mall activity at the opposite end
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  • How To Find Your Retail Space in Egypt

    Over the last decade, key economic and tax reforms aimed at improving the ease of doing business in Egypt have transformed the country’s retail landscape. Consumer confidence has increased, attracting international brands into this fast growing, diversifying market that is characterised by one of the youngest and largest populations in the Arab world. Where traditional souks and high street offerings once dominated, the market is witnessing rapid growth in international standard shopping malls with a focus on high-end retailing.


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  • Moving house? Prepare for a smooth exit

    With the move date circled on your calendar, it is time to plan ahead. If you are changing large furniture items, order now and arrange for them to be delivered to your new abode in sync with your arrival. Then get to work selling your old ones and see if you can make a thrifty return that you can put towards something nice for your brand new home. Set to work clearing out unwanted items (anything that is neither beautiful nor useful) and if possible allocate one room for box storage.

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  • Moving house? Practice your poker face

    You’re almost there - your desired property is within reach. You’ve spoken to several developers, you’ve kept your extravagances in check and you’ve finally found a property that you can see yourself settling in. Time to sign on the dotted line. But as much as your excitement may want to take over at this point, it is strongly advised that you negotiate on the asking price before agreeing to it. 

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  • Moving house? Location, location, location

    Property professionals say it is better to choose the smallest house in the nicest neighborhood you can afford. But let’s be realistic. You aren’t moving home as an opportunity to downsize your possessions. Your need for space is justified, particularly if you want to avoid having to move all over again not so far down the line. 

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  • Moving house? Double check your finances

    In years gone by cash payment was pretty much the only option for home buyers. These days, mortgage financing offers a feasible alternative - making property investment possible for first time buyers through to retirees seeking North Coastal holiday homes for the summer. This is good news in the interests of raising capital, but you must do your research. 

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  • Moving house? Check your finances

    Dreaming of a villa in Rehab? Got your eye on a penthouse in Degla? Whatever your reasons for moving house, do not attempt it without first heeding the advice on this page. Few experiences have the power to exhaust your mind, body, time and finances like the process of finding (and funding) a new home. But even fewer have the potential to be so rewarding. So stay calm and read on…Cityscape Egypt 2015

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  • Moving house? Survey the area

    As a rule of thumb you should consider at least three properties before you purchase. If you find ‘The One’ straight away, good for you. Make an offer and use the cooling-off period to see what else is out there. At the very least you’ll be left in no doubt as to what a great decision you have made. Home seekers have various shop windows to choose from, including classified adverts in local newspapers, property websites, estate agents and word of mouth. The point is to ensure you have compared enough districts, developers, prices and styles to be confident you are getting the most for your money. Unlike a car, a wedding or a holiday, this is an investment for your future and most likely, your children’s future. 

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